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Top 3 Tools For Affiliate Marketing

top 3 tools for affiliate marketing

​This business is great because of its low start up costs. With that said, there are some tools you don’t want to do on the cheap.

You need a solid foundation on which to build your business.

I have made this mistake in the past trying to buy and use cheaper tools only to have them stop working or not work reliably and have to quickly redo everything I had set up on a different platform.

The key here is reliability. You need to KNOW what you are building is going to work for you and that it will present well to your customers.

I’m going to go over what I use here:

Number 1 is a good sales funnel builder 

In this business you are likely going to be making a lot of funnels and need to change and test them a lot. You need something that is FAST and easy to use. And once again reliable. If your funnel doesn’t work then you pretty much lost a customer.

This business is all about automation. Instead of you doing the selling, your sales funnel is acting as your salesperson online.     And you want you BEST sales tool working for you.

While you can send traffic straight to your offers you Don’t want to do this. You need to send people to your funnel and start building that relationship with them.

What I use and what I recommend highly is ClickFunnels.
This is the BEST in the industry because you can build high quality funnels FAST.
It’s reliable and the pages load quickly which is huge for keeping people engaged. Slow pages turn people off in a big way.
You can build simple to complex funnels and even host webinars. You can even do membership sites inside click funnels.
There is great training and support as well so you’re never left in the dark if you get stuck.

I’m going to put a link below in the description to a video showing how easy it is to build a sales funnel with ClickFunnels.

Get ClickFunnels - Click Here

Number 2 is a good ​Autoresponder.

A good email autoresponder will help you nurture your leads and convert prospect into buyers. You can’t manually try to send emails with gmail or hotmail. You need to look professional and send emails associated with your own domain name.

An autoresponder allows you to set up sequences and have email drip campaigns send automatically every day or some period of time. 

People don’t buy on the first contact. They don’t know you at all. It takes on average about 7 contacts before someone decides to make a purchase and your email autoresponder is set up to do just that.

If you have the budget you can get email fully integrated into your ClickFunnels account and get the Actionetics add on. This way you’ll have it all in one place. The good thing about this also is that there is full tracking of all the actions taken by people visiting and using your funnel. 
To do this without Actionetics you’d have to set up a separate tracking system.

Clickfunnels with Actionetics integration is $297 per month which is a good deal.

The one I recommend to use is Active Campaign. It’s very easy to use, they have great support and it is easy to connect with ClickFunnels so that when someone opts in to you list they will get placed onto an automated email series with Active Campaign.

You can get started with ActiveCampaign for as little as $9 per month.

To see how easy it is to use Active Campaign ​Click HERE.

Number 3 is a website and web hosting.

Why is web hosting useful?
A lot of people don’t want to blog. However if you’re making videos there’s an easy solution to that.

The main reason to have a website is that it allows you to get approved for more affiliate programs. Often times the better programs require a website. They don’t just let anybody become an affiliate and want to see some credibility that comes from having a website.

The other reason to use a blog or website is that you can get better control over you content. If you send traffic to youtube, there are a lot of distractions that could take your prospect’s attention away from your offer.
If you send traffic to your blog you can make it distraction free and you can better draw your visitor’s attention to your links there.

A third reason to use a blog is that you can set up an RSS feed and use a system like to syndicate your content out to multiple different social media and web 2.0 sites automatically. 
This greatly increases your exposure and builds your SEO by creating high trust flow backlinks to your blog and content.

A fourth reason is that you can use re-targeting. If you send traffic to your blog, you can set a tracking pixel on that blog which sets a cookie in your visitor’s browser. This allows you to follow your prospects around if they don’t buy right away and continue to make them aware of you offer.

If you’ve ever visited and clicked a product, then gone over to Facebook and seen ads with that same product that’s retargeting at work. The ad system knows what you’re interested in by the retargeting pixel sat in your browser.

I recommend for webhosting. The main reason for this is that it’s known to be very FAST. 

Google has made website speed one of the BIGGEST factors in website ranking. It makes sense from a user experience perspective. So many websites are so bloated with videos and large images these days that they become slow. A user on a slow site will simply go elsewhere.

Siteground is simply the BEST as far as speed. If you know about caching and other factors in speeding up a site they know what they are doing.

If you’re using WordPress they have a plugin that helps you set it all up painlessly too and if you need to migrate your site from another hosting provider the plugin makes I a snap.

Another major factor in speed is that if you host with site ground you get a CDN from included as part of it. That is an awesome feature. If you don’t know what a CDN is it stands for Content Delivery Network. This means your website data is cached and spread out across the globe at multiple locations. So for example, someone from Melbourne, Australia doesn’t have to go fetch your site in Los Angeles USA. Instead the content can be fetched from a location in Australia making the site load much faster.  

It’s not expensive either. For the base right now there is a special at $3.95 per month.

Get SiteGround Hosting Here.

So there you have it. To be effective at online business or affiliate marketing you'll need tools and these are the main ones to build that foundation.