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How To Get To 4000 Hours of Youtube Watch Time Faster

4000 hours youtube watch time video image

In order to monetize your Youtube channel with Adsense, Youtube requires that you have 1000 subscribers and 4000 hours of watch time. This is so only legit channels that produce good content and get viewers will be displaying ads and keeps the quality standards high. The can seem like a daunting tasks for new Youtube channels that want to start making money from their hard work of putting up videos. The best way do it is to put up quality content that people want to watch. However, 4000 hours is a long time! 

Using the hack shown in the video you can significantly speed up this process. The way to do it is to set up a livestream on your channel and then view that livestream 24/7 from a different browse using a proxy. The proxy will make it appear to Youtube as if you are a random user watching the stream. 

You'll want to pick a stream that is popular or trendy so you also get organic traffic.  The example in the video above is the PewdiePie vs T-Series subscriber count challenge where the two top channels on Youtube are competing for the most subscribers. It's popular at the time of this writing. I created a tutorial on just the livestream set up here. CLICK HERE to view it. To see how to set up the 4000 hours hack click here. Please like and subscribe to the channel if you enjoy the content.