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email automation with active campaign

I created this video to show you how to use Active Campaign as an email auto responder. The system is very easy to use compared to Mailchimp, Get Response or Aweber and the cost is very reasonable for those just getting started.

I show you how to create a list in Active Campaign, and set up an Email Automation sequence. The email process is triggered when someone opts in to our list from a landing page.  From there the system sends an initial email, then we set up a waiting period of one day and then a second email goes out. After two more days a third email gets sent.

The entire process is very easy to understand with the sample emails you see in the video. For demonstration I set up only three emails but typically you'd want to write over 10 emails and less than 20. You have probably heard the sales come from the follow up as people don't initially buy from their first encounter. A lot of sales are made between 7-10 contacts. If, after 20 email you don't have someone make a purchase then it's probably safe to say the are not a buyer so again I'd suggest 10-20. You'll get an idea how it works when you watch the video.  Watch and enjoy! 

Get Active Campaign HERE