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Have you ever wondered if life is only about working a 9 to 5 job only to end up at the end of your life broke and tired?
Do you enjoy spending your days working with people you don’t even necessarily like, and who don’t really care about you?
To live with regrets from a life unfullfilled?
To wonder what if…
What if I had started that business and enjoyed personal growth by pushing my comfort zone?
It’s been said that the worst part of a funeral isn’t dying, but regrets from potential never realized.
Every day I learn more and more how short life really is.
Most people work hard chasing that promotion or job recognition only to feel empty when they achieve it instead of fulfilled. Isn’t it better  to achieve something for yourself?
People grow to be happy in life from the small moments between the large events. It’s not the end goal but the journey.  So make sure to enjoy your time along the path while reaching those big events. If we don’t enjoy the journey then we’re wasting time that could be so much more enjoyably spent.
It seems like we are being conned folks…
The large house, the toys, the clothes… the material things.
The grind on your way up the ladder of a faceless company.
These material items are nice to have, but they don’t bring you the happiness that you desire. 
It’s like waking from the Matrix only to find that reality is not what we thought it was.
Throughout my life I have observed so many problems with the system and state of affairs as we know it…
The old ways of doing things need an upgrade, just like outdated software. 
These days there are a multitude of things taught in schools that don’t apply to you in the real world.
This is keeping you from controlling your own life’s direction. It’s keeping you from learning real useful skills. It may even be weighing you with debt!
And not only that…
Most of what we hear as news and conventional wisdom dead wrong. It’s just sensationalism.
Don’t waste your time being blind to the truths in life.
There’s good news though…
With so many different technologies now available to us, people are realizing that the old ways are changing. They are seeing that they can break free from the old paradigms; all from a laptop or even a phone.
More and more people are “getting it” every day and they are realizing what the new digital economy has to offer as far as creating wealth and freedom! We are seeing teenagers now who have become Youtube millionaires because they “get it”.
Opportunities like online consulting, selling on amazon, and affiliate marketing are open to us all. These new tools allow every day people like you and me to start successful businesses online. Moms can now stay at home and spend with family earning passive income.  A student can start a side gig. Even young kids are getting into this game.
The days of needing TV to become famous are gone. Many people are famous from YouTube alone. Just ask Justin Bieber! 
Opportunities are there even for introverts who can go online, attract an audience of other introverts and make a connection while generating income. They just offer value and a connection, then those connections will buy what they have to offer.
There’s never a better time in all of history for the individual to succeed on their own. 
This is an awakening happening. Are you going to be a part of it?
My goal is to help motivated individuals realize the power that lays at their fingertips. This will help them break free and enjoy on their own terms. However only that “get it” will see it for what it is, and only those that WANT IT will take action towards their destiny.
(It’s not for everybody and that’s ok too. The world always needs 9 to 5 job seekers. I don’t judge anyone either way.)
This message is all about going for it and getting what you want in life. If you’re already living it, Congratulations!
But if you know you are meant to be more… you are!
That’s it for now friend.
Mitch S.